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What we do

We are a group at the University of Windsor dedicated to providing students the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of robotics. We challenge and encourage students to come up with their own projects, and help support them by providing them with the space, materials, and mentorship required to make it happen. We are currently looking for new members who are passionate about technology and who would like to learn more about what we do!


Some of the things we're currently working on

Rubik's Cube Solver
Wahid Bawa

Robot designed to automatically solve a standard 3X3 Rubik's Cube

Amazon Item Price Detector
Harshdip Singh

Messenger bot that keeps track of provided Amazon links; alerts user if price drops

Smart Home RF Box
Josh Gehl & Austin Formagin

RF Box that control all lights and remotes from web app accessible on phones

Fine Herb Grinder
Abrar Chowdhury

Fine herb grinder project funded by the EPICentre

Arduino Robotic Bartender Mixer
Ryan Prairie & Ekjot Multani

Liquid dispenser/mixer powered by Arduino

Energy Saving/Person Detecting Light Control
Mahir Chowdhury

Turns light on/off depending if there is someone in the room through computer vision

Plant Infection Detection/Removal
Prakort Lean

Infected leaf detection + automatic chemical spray through machine learning

Motion Sensing Security System
Ammar Ahmed

App that alerts/displays stream when security system detects motion

RFID Cloner
Ryan Prairie & Ammar Ahmed

Cheap RFID cloner, replayer, and all over hacker

Our Members



Abrar Chowdhury

Vice President

Josh Gehl


Austin Formagin

Founding Members

Abrar Chowdhury

Josh Gehl

Austin Formagin

Connor Horman

Ekjot Multani

Ryan Prairie

Wahid Bawa

Jeremie Bornais

Mahir Chowdhury

Jagraj Aulakh

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